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Green Agate. Red Lace Agate. Gold Plated. Nickel Free

Length: 34 Inches, can be worn long or double layered

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The Moonlight necklace has two stunning types of Agate chosen to rebalance and harmonise the mind and spirit. They enhance mental function and instil a sense of security and safety. The magical powers of the moon have been revered throughout time and has been one of the most popular poetic symbols throughout the history of mankind. This ultimate feminine symbol shifts through different phases rendering eternity & enlightenment. This gorgeous neckpiece is sure to make a striking and meaningful accessory to the wearer!

Gemstones are derived from nature making each one of them unique, for that reason there could be a slight variation in colour between one product and another.

Our ‘Cosmic Love’ Collection is romance personified. Don’t we all love to gaze at the beautiful moonlit skies and galaxy above. This collection is a reminder to always shoot for the moon because even if you miss it you will land among the stars.