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Angelite. Gold Plated. Nickel Free

Length: 2 Inches, 10mm Gemstones

The Angelite stone has a very high vibration that activates and aligns the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. This stunning blue stone helps to attune oneself to a higher frequency, helping to connect to your guardian angels and spirit guides. The pairing of the Angelite with the baby octopus, which symbolizes flexibility, creativity and expansion is sure to have a charming effect on the wearer.

Gemstones are derived from nature making each one of them unique, for that reason there could be a slight variation in colour between one product and another.

Our ‘Fantasy Garden’ Collection is inspired by the diverse and vast beauty of nature. Spending time in nature, enjoying the splendour of the colours and aromas brings peace and harmony within. This is reflected in our beautifully handcrafted Jewellery to be enjoyed and cherished by every woman.