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Upcycled Coral. Amazonite. Gold Plating. Nickel free

Length: 30 Inches

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We only use recycled Coral, since we are not only inspired by nature but we also love our planet, for that reason we carefully put effort into choosing the most sustainable options.

The Love Swirl necklace signifies a great sense of self love to the wearer with Amazonite and Coral combined. Amazonite is the stone of success and abundance, that attracts good fortune and encourages boldness and braveness, to make your dreams come true. Coral is calming and brings inner peace, its also a very powerful stone in facilitating intuition and creativity. What more could one ask for to feel bold, beautiful and confident!

Gemstones are derived from nature making each one of them unique, for that reason there could be a slight variation in colour between one product and another.

The ‘Free Spirit’ Collection is for the bohemian in us all. It is a tribute to living and celebrating the little joys every day, dancing in the rain and embracing life in all its glory!