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Lava Stone. Green Turquoise. Gold Plated. Nickel free

Length: 32 inches

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Get grounded and strengthen your connection to mother earth when you choose the incredible properties of the Lava Stone which also provides us with strength, courage, and stability through times of change. This gemstone has been thoughtfuly Coupled with the striking turquoise which is purifying, dispelling negative energy while attracting deeper, more meaningful relationships, this gold plated Coral symbol combined with the two magical stones is beauty strength and positivity all rolled into one!



Gemstones are derived from nature making each one of them unique, for that reason there could be a slight variation in colour between one product and another.


Our ‘Ocean Bliss’ Collection is inspired by our magnificent seashores, oceans and the precious sea creatures that inhabit them. We bring you a vast selection of ocean life in our beautifully handcrafted jewellery to be enjoyed and cherished by each one of you.